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The American Hogwarts Houses
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The answer to the universe is like love and animal uh…safety? And just like…Doing things with your hands. Getting rid of all electricity and cyberspace, I think that’s the…Not the answer to the universe. 

i knew it, right callitfriendo?

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lots of shit’s been going down this past week or so, so I thought I’d sit down and actually give an explicit update. 

very recent health things~: been to the ER 5 different times (along with a visit to urgent care) since Thursday morning because of kidney stones. so much fun pain and meds not kicking in as fast as I wanted them to; the third visit was because of an allergic reaction I had to something in the middle of all of this.

the last visit so far was yesterday morning right after I’d showed up to my colonoscopy appointment and then had to promptly run to the ER across the building. really fun. so pale, got stuck in the arm a lot, don’t do well with blood—-saw it gush out of my arm woo. home now and it seems like the stone may pass soon so that’ll be over!

colonoscopy/endoscopy indefinitely postponed because I DO NOT want to deal with that suprep shit ever again, urologist appointment tomorrow morning.

as for school n studio stuff—-well most definitely moving back to my parents house for at least a little while since my current lease ends in less than two weeks. mom’s already up here, and dad is probably going to drive up and we’ll all drive home and make some vacationy~ stops out of it. will need to find more doctors back home now, therapist, etc. 

and I may end up and just chuck this studio to the wind, since trying to deal with this prof has caused me nothing but crazy anxiety and he hasn’t responded in months to my email. probably just easier, better, to start over after I’ve hopefully had time to figure shit out and get on better ground. this on the advice of two really close teacher friends in the department. stay in Texas the rest of summer and fall, come back in January and just take a terminal studio. already have recommendations on better, more structured professors. 

was really not into starting over before a few days ago, but after having conversations with professor-friends and mom it might just be the best idea….

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"They didn’t allow me to become a nurse because of my hijab. Thank you, I became a doctor instead" #BURN
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people glorify men so much in society even if they look like toenails like literally

martin freeman looks like a literal hobbit and called lucy liu ugly and a dog and y’all wanna lick his asshole yet people pay people with cameras to follow rihanna and anne hathaway around to try to take pictures of them with no makeup so they can call them ugly and that’s like so terrifying 

that’s like literally terrifying 

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Thranduil’s armour in The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies x



from Horizons, by Sze Tsung Leong

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for some reason seeing bakafox's posts this morning I've had random flashbacks to eating at the Dairy Queen in Alpine

brains are weird folks

update: tumblr’s still autoplaying YouTube videos on both the dashboard and on personal sites ughhhh

why tumblr whyyy





Yay? You don’t seem enthused?

mixed feelings. likely to come back because my lease here runs out at the end of the month; haven’t actually finished my last term of school (trying to finish has been a…

Oh yeah, the parents thing would be super weird. Even visiting for long periods is weird and you’ve been away for so long. But, job prospects are awesome! That’s great. (I’m sorry about school though, it sucks to be so close and have stuff go wrong, hopefully it’ll work out for you, I’ll cross my fingers)

Yeah, I’m in CO for at least another year. Though I will be in Austin over Thanksgiving. We should hang out if you happen to be there then. It’s been too long since I’ve seen your actual face (outaide, of course, your selfies which are super awesome btw, Idk if I ever said or not…..)

Def gonna be weird. Especially since mom’s retired and dad, for the first time in like 15 years, is unemployed. So all three of us will be around the house—-though thankfully that house is absurdly large for only three people. Haha I should probably rephrase “prospects” as possible leads/people i know but yeah, might send leaders out to this firm downtown that wanted to hire me a few summers ago. Thanks!

Oh nice! Masters still? It has been sooo long, other than that random time I saw you at the airport! Haha thanksss.

Haha, you’ll probably never see except at meals. Idk how large ‘absurdly large’ is but all I can picture now is one of those ridiculously large tables (like thirty feet long) with you three trying to have like normal dinner-time conversation but at a shout and having to chunk the salt and pepper back and forth as needed….. Break a leg on the job hunt (break a compass? idk what’s acceptable ‘good luck’ to architecture folks…..).

Yeah, still masters, though I am applying into the phd at the end of this coming semester. so, fingers crossed. :)

ok ok ok…let’s not get ahead of our self here, this isn’t some English country manor. and the dining room is actually relatively small (don’t ask me why, the orig. owners were insane) (also wait have you never been to my house??) haha thanks! it’ll be interesting since likely it’ll just be for a temporary job.

aw dang someone going to be a ~doctor~

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fantasizing about a queer robot future with callitfriendo living in modernist houses high on the hill in Australia wearing structural chromat dresses; wherein reparations have been made for all the horror white people have done and straight white dudes with macho fantasies die out.

one can dream i guess? idk this is what i imagine to stay sane after being in pain for days and looking at the horror of america rearing its head in ferguson.

Opaque  by  andbamnan